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5 Tips to a healthier garden

With the help of these five simple and easy tips, your garden will be thriving in no time. If your garden is already thriving you must be doing something right! Read on to discover tips to help you maintain your healthy garden.

  1. Compost

Compost is decayed organic material which is used as fertilizer. Your soil will lose some of its nutrients while growing products, but with the addition of compost the soil will regain these nutrients. Compost can be purchased from farmers markets, local farmers, or any garden centre. With a bit of research you could make your own.


  1. Test soil

Soil testing is very important as your soil will vary in different locations throughout your backyard. If you do not test the soil you will have no idea what nutrients your soil holds and whether they are harming the growth of your garden. Soil tests will help you identify the most suitable plants and products for each particular soil patch.


  1. Don’t over-water the leaves

Leaves that are too wet can become a breeding point for fungus and disease. For more effective ways to water the ground, a drip irrigation or soaker hose may be the better solution to wet the ground. In order to prevent premature evaporation, watering your garden in the early hours of the morning will help prevent this.


  1. Mulch

Mulch is a security feature in any garden and must be used in order to maintain a healthy and beautiful garden. It helps the soil maintain moisture and also contributes vital nutrients to the soil.


  1. Ensure you have adequate pest control

With the help of natural pest control solutions, (such as spraying a garlic/chili based spray over your garden, using caffeine to kill off slugs and snails or invite natural predators into your garden to wipe out aphids).  You will no longer have to worry about adding poison to your garden through conventional pest control methods. The natural solutions will get rid of the pests and not harm the environment or your garden. Get rid of pests, save environment and best of all protect your garden!


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